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Greifenburg 2011

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The weather was looking good for a trip down to Greifenburg. We intendet to stay there between the 16th and 25 th april and arrived around 10 pm.

After setting up our tents we spend the first night on the camping ground which is made only for hang glider and paraglider pilots  … it was bloody could despite two sleeping bags.

Next morning we took one of these shuttles to get to the regional hang gliding launch site but after setting up my new Ultrasport I got a little bit windy to crash my new wing, for that reason I decided to refrain from flying the first day.

We had pewrfect conditions during the whole week, every day was “flyable” ;-)

On Monday, Thuesday and Wednesday I used the first flight to come along with my Wills Wing Ultrasport 135 and the landing area next to our camp.

The follwing days… I would say the best day of my previous live I succeded in catching thermals next to the launch site (it wasn’t really hard to stay in the air about many  hours every day)…

all in all we experienced the perfect hang gliding trip to Austria and also met a lot of friends we learned to know in Germany before…

Greifenburg from Hawkairxc on Vimeo.

Surely the worlds finest glider ;-)

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here I summed up a few sequences of the Aeros Combat GT 13,2. It’s amazing how the new  tail works, long glide distances and thermaling becomes more comfortable and safe. Last but not least you will recognize a better glide angle because you need less compensation of tubulences.

happy flying!

just one reason…

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… you don’t need to think about learning to fly, anymore- just do it! . A video, including no spectcular and risky maneuvers like loops. Just hang gliding in it`s most beautiful facet that it offers.

yes.. thats me!

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… after nearly one year of non- flying

enjoy and do not care about the quality ;-)


Robin (happy , happy, happy) :-)

check this out..

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The “Flugpost” by Daniel Roßmann deals not only with hang gliding and paragliding. You can also find interesting articels about other extreme sports like snowboarding, free skiing, motor sports, climbig and base jumping.  It is just a “Flying Mail” for everyone who is into such a sport or who wants to part take in ;-)

order here for free :-) :

happy flying


How Angie got her own wings… a story about hang gliding

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this is a very succsesful video- summary about a girl who learns to hang glide.

the clip has been produced using footage that was taken over a 2 years periode, showing the different stages of training on a hang glider. Hope the clip will motivate more people to start flying under their own wings. Angie, you truly rock the sky!!!

thanks to Phillip for the nice movie and have a nice trip to Canada

Keep flying, brother ;-)



My New Ultrasport

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Here I uploaded first pictures of my new Wills Wing Ultrasport 135, a beautiful high- quality intermediate Glider. Thanks to Detlev :-)

hang gliding in winter

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Lanzarote (Gran Canaria) offers a great place for european hang glider pilots who wnat to bridge the wintertime as good as possible.
Check this video.